About Us

Free the Beaches is a grass-roots group of passionate Beachers concerned about the erosion of its community and spirit by the exclusive sole source contract that was done behind closed doors at City Hall. Our objective is to have full transparency and accountability for our parks and eateries that

belong to the residents and the taxpayers. Our immediate goal is for City Council to VOTE NO on October 5th to the “lease switch” that was done behind closed doors as well. Email Us

Martin Gladstone

Martin Gladstone is a Beaches Community Lawyer. He is secretary and a member of The Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association. He is a past recipient of the Simon Weisenthal Centre community award for activism for tolerance and human rights and fighting racism. He is involved with the board of Neighborhood Link. He was active in the fight to save The Glen Davis Ravine and the issues surrounding the 999 year in camera Pantry Park Lease.  He ran for Ward 32 city councillor in 2010 but withdrew to ensure that the vote would not split and stop Sandra Bussin from being re-elected.


Gord Holtam

Gord Holtam is a writer and long-time Beach resident.  He has written for television, radio, stage and print in a career that spans over 30 years.  He recently became active in the affairs of the Beach when he realized residents’ concerns over major local issues were not being represented at City Hall.

Catherine Dunphy

Catherine Dunphy is an author and retired journalist who says she loves the Beach too much to let it die.

Kristi Holtam

Kristi Holtam is a portrait artist and illustrator.  She is a life-long Beach resident.

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